Technical Features


Board made of waterproof chipboard of 16 mm., Coated with melamine 10 gr. on both sides.

All pieces are totally edged as protection against moisture, with the PVC edging 1.2 mm thickness of the highest quality.

The different finishes we handle:

Domestic and imported melamine, textured Formica, thermoformed PVC, High Brightness, Poly Acrylic, glass and wood veneers.


Hinges are the soul of good doors. Innovative, reliable, exquisite performance, and excellent solutions for a whole range of furniture. High quality, easy installation and outstanding adjustment techniques. The system may be conventional, push to open or soft close.

Drawers and standard drawers are delivered with metal sliders and hinges with triple regulation standards, all hardware are soft close. They support a weight of up to 60kg.